Putting Data Science Into Nanoscience

⟨AtomicAI⟩ provides data science software and consulting for nano- and bio-tech companies.

Powered by our proprietary ⟨AtomicAI⟩ data science platform, we ingest your data and provide insights to decrease R&D costs and raise revenues.

What We Do

1. Lower Costs

Optimize nanomaterial manufacturing processes and yields.

2. Improve Product Performance

Hit product performance goals.

3. Raise Revenues

Decrease time-to-market and accelerate product development.

AtomicAI transforms data into action.

We leverage your data, physics-based modeling, and our proprietary statistical models to optimize your product and manufacturing processes.

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Meet ⟨AtomicAI⟩

Our Story

  • We founded AtomicAI to bring advances in computing and machine learning to nanotechnology. We believe that nanotech will transform biotechnology, energy, and electronics. But nanotech is hard. We're here to help.

Our Vision

  • We want energy efficient devices. We want clear solar arrays for windows in sustainable urban planning. We want therapeutics that treat disease without harmful side effects. We've spent years designing and optimizing nanotech using cutting-edge computational modeling software and data science methods. If you are making nanotech, we want to put those tools to work for you.

Our Technology

  • AtomicAI uses proprietary statistical models to analyze your data and generate the insights you need to optimize your product and processes. We worry about how to get the most out of your data while you stay focused on making things.

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Let us know what you're working on and we'll find a way to help.

Consulting Services

Data Analytics

  • Learn more from your experiment data. We ingest your experiment data into the proprietary AtomicAI platform and collaborate with you to produce an interactive research report that addresses your specific business needs. We'll tell a story that incorporates analyses and visualization of your data, unlocking its value and bringing new insights from our domain experts.

Data and ML Strategy

  • Are you curious about what data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence can do for your business? Our domain experts in nano- and bio-tech will help you understand the opportunities and challenges of using these technologies in your business.

    We'll understand your current ongoing projects and priorities and rationalize the datasets that you have available today. Combined with our expertise, we'll paint a picture of how and where you can best apply data science to enable project and business success.

Experiment Planning

  • Building on our data analytics platform, we can share data-driven evidence for what set of experiments to conduct next, enabling your business to reach a product specification quicker or scale up manufacturing faster. Leave expensive, time-consuming trial and error-based R&D behind for a more intelligent approach that will save you time and money.

Get In Touch

Let us know what you're working on and we'll find a way to help.

Leadership Team

Chris Price
Chris Price

I'm a PhD candidate in Materials Science at the University of Pennsylvania with broad experience in computational physical science. Previously, I developed new data science solutions for energy commodities brought to market at Genscape, Inc.

Nathan Frey
Nathan Frey

Currently a PhD candidate in Materials Science at the University of Pennsylvania, I'm also an affiliate scientist at Berkeley Lab and a National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellow. Previously, I've served as a project manager on the Weiss Tech House Innovation Fund advising startups at Penn.